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With over 40 years in the frozen dessert business, our mission is to be the most innovative frozen dessert manufacturer in the industry. We have developed the most unique and exciting product line and we keep striving to maintain our competitive edge.

We also can help kitchen staff with our pre-portioned ice cream and sorbet scoops. you can now eliminate the anxiety of serving large functions, ice cream, or sorbet. these scoops come in a wide variety of sizes and flavors and are ready when you are.

Our passion for creativity and presentation shows throughout each product. We use only the finest ingredients and specialized equipment to masterfully create our desserts. We take pride in all steps to the finished product. Whether it is the rich cake we are baking or crepe shells we are forming, the quality and consistency is the highest it can be.

Our products are served by the finest hotels, caterers, and restaurants across the country. As you will see, our products speak for themselves. They reveal a company hard at work to maintain a level of excellence

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