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What does ice cream mean to people in the hospitality industry? Most likely it is not something we give much thought, but if you are serving well over 100,000 scoops each year, it might be an issue.

Executive Pastry Chef Steven Evitts of the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York must plan and execute ice cream service to thousands of people every day. For banquets and restaurant operations, Chef Evitts uses prescooped ice creams from Philip R’s Frozen Desserts. “In the View Restaurant, atop the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, we serve six scoops of ice cream or sorbet on one dessert; and we sell about 300 to 500 each night,” explains chef Evitts. He also appreciates the flexibility associated with Philip R’s preportioned ice creams and sorbets. Preportioned desserts cater to the multiple size portions and variety of flavors hotels require, as well as a demanding delivery schedule. Plating desserts for large banquets requires consistency. Chef Evitts is delighted with the consistency of Philip R’s preportioned ice creams and sorbets. Prescooped ice cream saves time and that means money.

Chef Evitts says he can dedicate his staff to more productive ventures than scooping ice cream for banquets, not to mention the space it would require to undertake that task. Chef Evitts and Philip R’s have been a team for more than three years and he sees no reason to change.—Keith Branche

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